Our Olive Oil Caviar Pearls Gift Set – an exquisite explosion of flavor that encapsulates the intensity and aromatic richness of the renowned Picual olive oil, a beloved gem of Spain and a cornerstone of global olive oil production.

The magic behind these Olive Oil Caviar Pearls lies in the cutting-edge encapsulation technology. Culinary experts have mastered the art of creating spherical pearls with a texture that rivals the opulence of caviar itself. Each pearl is a testament to a complete dedication to culinary excellence.

As you savor each delectable pearl, you'll experience a burst of pure olive oil bliss. These pearls gracefully break in your mouth, allowing you to relish a delicate portion of pure oil before it harmoniously melds with the other ingredients of your dish. It's a sensory journey that elevates every bite to a new level of luxury.

The Olive Oil Caviar Pearls Gift Set is the epitome of sophistication and taste, making it the ideal gift for dinner party hosts, housewarmings, and special celebrations. Show your appreciation with a gift that embodies the essence of culinary mastery and Mediterranean excellence.

Elevate your culinary experiences with our Olive Oil Caviar Pearls Gift Set and embrace the essence of Mediterranean indulgence. Taste, savour, and celebrate the finest in olive oil craftsmanship – order now and embark on a journey of flavour like no other.

The gift pack include: 

1 X 50g Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pearls 

1 X 50g Chilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pearls  

1 X 50g Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pearls